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Best Practices

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The BIA team is here to help you make the most of your investment in the BIG Show. If your booth looks great, you will increase your leads and you’ll contribute to improving the quality of our show. We’re here to help you and your team put your best foot forward.

Optimize Your Digital Presence

Update and upgrade your digital booth. You’re able to add photos, links, services and more to your digital booth, and upgrades allow for even more customization. Make sure that folks who can’t visit in person are able to see everything your company has to offer by making sure you utilize all of the opportunities available.


Enhance Your In-Person Experience

A fun, interactive and eye-catching booth encourages people to stop and chat. 

Plan a giveaway or other contest:
Make sure it’s something that relates to your business.
Craft a 30-second pitch: Customers move quickly. Be able to efficiently describe the product, how it can help and pricing.
Maintain a clean setup: Keep your tablecloths clean and ironed. Don’t let your display get too cluttered.
Make it big: Large displays with high impact images capture the attention.
Demonstrations pull people in: If your services can easily be shown off, do that, or bring in models to help people visualize
Get organized:  Utilize racks, stands and blocks to display products and materials at different heights to keep your items visible.
Create a show special: Offer a Home Show special to get people to commit during the show.
Utilize video: Use a television to display images of your work. Make sure the volume on these items does not impede other exhibitors.
Share to spread the word: Share the BIG Show posts and graphics ahead of the event or create your own videos and graphics promoting your booth.
Get social:  Use your social media and existing advertising to promote your presence at the show.
Capture the moment: Take photos at the show. Share them on social media and with us.
Get help: Ask us for help! We’ll help you come up with creative ideas and activities. Let us know how we can help and we’ll work together.

Retail Sales Booths

We recommend credit cards only.
Make it easy to identify which products are for sale and which are display-only.
Get the price right for sales on the floor. Consider a show special or purchase order for attendees who may not be prepared to pay on the spot.
Be sure to display all terms and conditions.
Secure your inventory.*

*The BIG Home Show and any affiliated contractors/ companies are not responsible for lost, stolen, mishandled or broken inventory or storage or containers. The show will maintain an equivalent level of security as in past shows, but exhibitors are responsible for all inventory on the premises.
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