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Home Show 101

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The BIG Home Building and Remodeling Show is the ultimate marketing platform for your company. Expose your products and services to thousands of potential clients. Take advantage of BIA’s investment in the show to build your brand’s reputation and equity by presenting your offerings alongside local industry leaders.

Maximize Your Exposure

Get Attention

Meet 3,000 - 6,000 homeowners and homebuyers.


$60,000+ value investment across TV, radio, print and digital.


Rub elbows with industry leaders to find potential partners.

Lead Generation

Capture the attention of prospects and make sales.

Brand Awareness

Introduce your products and services to a receptive audience.

Make Sales on the Floor

New in 2023: Send attendees home with your products from the floor! We haven’t allowed direct sales on the floor in the past - but we’re offering an opportunity for professionals to generate revenue right on our show floor. Now, you can get more out of your participation in our home shows - and our attendees can feel immediate gratification with a purchase right there on our show floor.

Sell your products on the show floor.
Thousands of people are actively interested in buying.
Make the most of the show with a retail sales booth.
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